Creators of the PokerMouse™ and the WeraMouse™, a deskless, wireless computer mouse perfect for gaming, presentations and browsing the web.

Both brands needed to be newly created and aimed at a different sector of the market, but also needed to have a consistent identity. Design Solutions designed a unique window display case for in-store display and trade show display.


Boutique flavour designers – Food By Chefs, create dips, mayonnaises, chutneys and pate for retail sales and commercial use.

Design Solutions worked with the two directors of Food By Chefs to create a whole new look in the FMCG market, we created a brand which had the look and feel of a boutique kitchen – homemade by people that care about their food.

We love clients with benefits, you can’t help market these products unless you have loads of experience eating them!


OPT is a product sourcing and supply company servicing some of New Zealand’s largest retail chains.

Design Solutions have been working alongside Oriental Pacific for the past 10 years, becoming their ‘in-house’ design and production team, from initial concepts through to final artwork for entire product ranges.

Developing brands and retail packaging for electronic, white ware, personal care, accessories and medical products gives us a unique background in product packaging, form and function as well the supply of digital artwork to overseas manufacturing companies.


A concept range of cost effective, fun party products.

In each case the product name was developed into the pack logo, every product in the range has it’s own unique graphics and colour scheme. While keeping the brand values, a consistent feel was kept by using the different design elements in a similar way.


A brand developed specifically for one of OPT’s Australian retail clients, to replace an existing brand that was due to be fazed out.

Design Solutions started with a clean slate. This was a total re-design not an evolution of an existing range – a new name, new look and new products. A clean fresh look was needed, cost effective to produce and easy to print – we hit the nail right on the head with Casera!


An iconic New Zealand company, baking bread, rolls, buns, cookies and biscuits, for the New Zealand market and also for export to Asia.

Design Solutions created a selection of design concepts for new products, re-designed existing products and continued developing existing ranges for Rivermill.

We developed Rivermill’s export brand as an independent product range of uniquely New Zealand products – Kiwifruit, Manuka Honey and the new Golden Kiwifruit, building the image using New Zealand’s iconic colours and imagery, giving the brand a real point of difference in overseas retail stores.


A world leader in the manufacture and retail of electronics products, for home industry and business.

We were asked to develop a new entry-level, range of products for placement in the Australasian retail market, positioning the products at a mid-range market sector. Design Solutions developed a five colour design concept, using metallic silver to highlight the new range and successfully differentiate it from the competition.


One of Auckland’s premier print companies, Soar purchased a new, packaging quality printing press and needed to tell its existing and potential customers about their new facility.

Design Solutions came up with the ‘sweet box’ displaying the superb quality and new features of Soar’s new press, while containing three well known chocolate bars each, repackaged, highlighting more of our clients services and points of difference in a very crowded marketplace. What a success – calls were coming in requesting more packs be sent out… although it may have been the chocolate temptation!


A Packaging concept developed for this very high end, pure New Zealand Manuka Honey.

Created to fill a niche in the ‘top shelf’ gift market, for international retail outlets, Tahi Honey is creating a real buzzzz with this new packaging.


A uniquely independent brand developed specifically for the fast moving appliance market, with the ever changing, demanding requirements of todays consumer in mind, the design needs to be modern looking and as flexible as possible, while keep brand consistency and ease of production.


Design Solutions were asked to create the labelling for a range of European imported cheeses.

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